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Product Info
The frames on the following pages are what is currently in stock; you may want to check back frequently as frames are added/deleted often.
Each frame is unique; however, most frames can be duplicated with minor changes, such as paper background. 

Magnetic Frames

Magnetic frames are made of sheet metal (steel) that is 8" x 10."  The metal is covered with paper and glued to black velour easel back photo frames.  The magnetic frames are not decorated as much as the wooden frames, as the paper for these frames is usually quite "busy."  All frames come with 4 magnets; the magnets are decorated with various objects and covered at the bottom.  The magnets are quite strong and care should be taken when around children.

Wooden Frames

The wooden frames measure 7" x 9" and hold a 4" x 6" photo.  All in stock frames are $10.00
Each wooden frame is sanded and painted.  Once decorated, two coats of polyurethane are applied.
Shipping prices are for one frame shipping.  If you purchase more than one frame, shipping charges will be adjusted accordingly.

Wooden frames are indicated by (Wood) in their title.  All other frames that aren't marked are magnetic.

I cannot move my items under the subject page "Magnetic Frames." As new magnetic frames are created they will be put into the correct SUBJECT category.  For now if you don't see a magnetic frame in a particular subject page, please go to the last Magnetic Frames page.